Bontrager Mountain Bike Tyres

Popular MTB Tyres from Bontrager

Bontrager Jones

Bontrager Jones Tyre
For all mountain use this is an entry-level tyre found on many Trek bikes as original issue. In terms of tread, the Bontrager Jones has square knobs, widely spaced, which makes them somewhat slow, but able to handle quite a wide range of conditions.

However judging by various reports and reviews of the Bontrager Jones, it doesn't cope so well with wet conditions particularly on hardpacked trails where it can slide quite suddenly. There are quite a few comments by users that the tyre is best for dry, loose conditions for cross-country riding, where it is pretty sticky.

The Jones also comes in a tubeless ready version that can be used with Bontrager's sealant.

If you are into MTB riding where serious traction is needed, there are a number of reviews of the Bontrager Jones by users that indicate it's worth spending more on a different tyre.

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Bontrager Mud

Bontrager Mud Tyre
These are a winter tyre from Bontrager with square knobs with chamfered edges and a rounded section overall. The Bontrager mud uses a dual compound rubber construction designed to give balance of grip and speed.

The reports and reviews of the Bontrager Mud confirm that it is well liked, particular mention being made of its mud clearing abilities as a result of the ramped knobs. It also appears that grip is maintained at a variety of angles in a consistent way.

The dual compound also works well, being reported as being fast rolling on the centre tread and sticky on the side in all but extreme conditions.

It's also tubeless ready, seems to have good resistance to sidewall damage and tread wear therefore being good value for money.

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