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Popular Continental MTB Tyres

Continental Mountain King

Continental Mountain King Tyre
This is a tyre for multiple uses and conditions designed for both grip and speed, with a widely spaced tread. The Mountain King also uses the new fine carbon black chilli compound to add extra stickiness on rocks.

Looking at the various reviews of the Continental Mountain King, it's apparent that it is a highly rated tyre that inspires confidence in loads of conditions as a result of its consistency.

Obviously it wears relatively quickly because it's quite soft and compliant but this probably isn't an issue if you need a competitive tyre; probably not a rear tyre for hard use though.

A few users have commented that it's not at its best in wet slippery conditions or on a muddy surface on hardpack.

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Continental Speed King

Continental Speed King Tyre
As you might expect from its name the Speed King is designed to be a fast rolling tyre, which you can also see from its low profile tread. This tread also means that it's good as long as the trail isn't too loose or wet, in the standard version.

These tyres come in narrower than you would expect and are extremely light in the Supersonic version, which needs high pressure to keep it stable. The black chilli compound gives the tyre unexpected grippyness in mud.

The protection version of the Continental speed king is designed to be better at resisting damage, particularly punctures; but comes in the standard compound.

From the reviews of the Continental speed king it appears that they are fast, grippy and reliable tyres in dry conditions on relatively smooth trails. Selection needs to be done with care though as there are quite a lot of puncture issues (thorns and flints) with the new protection versions.

In addition the black chilli makes the supersonic version quite sticky in mud, but the other versions can be quite unpredictable. So be careful what combination of properties you need.

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Continental Race King

Continental Race King
This tyre has been successful in winning World Cup events and is a pure, fast cross-country model with quite a small block tread that gives it the super fast rolling qualities. The carcass on the Continental race king supersonic is very light, giving it rapid acceleration out of corners or changing pace on a climb.

However this reduces puncture and damage resistance, while the protection version is designed to combat this, that uses a less grippy compound.

It is also available in a UST tubeless model.

Reviews of the Continental race king supersonic confirm its rapid characteristics, but riders seem to put it firmly in the camp of a dry weather compact trail tyre as it appears unpredictable on wet patches, rocks or roots.

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