Hutchinson Mountain Bike Tyres

The range of MTB Tyres from Hutchinson

Hutchinson Python

Hutchinson Python Tyre
While some fast summer tyres often suffer a bit in sandy or lonely conditions in forestry, the Hutchinson Python XC doesn't. In reviews, it is reported to be predictable and fast rolling as a result of plenty of tread in the centre. The side tread knobs have an increased height enough to provide security in most loose cornering situations as well.

The carcass is middling in weight, resisting punctures well and the Python is also very good for road use and commuting with good wear characteristics if you need to versatility.

This tyre is also reported to be pretty good in wet (not mud) conditions as well.

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Hutchinson Piranha

Hutchinson Piranha Tyre
This is a high-volume, low weight tyre with a low tread profile for fast summer riding for a variety of rides. The Hutchinson Piranha is available in different widths, beads and casings to suit different applications.

The centre section of tread is raised slightly to help low rolling resistance, while there are good sized side knobs to provide secure cornering.

Reviews of the Hutchinson Piranha indicate excellent reliable cornering and as expected a very fast tyre, especially for downhill racing. Quite a few comments indicate that it is not best designed for rear use, as traction will not be as good as other more rear specific tyres.

On account of the thin carcass a few riders say that they wouldn't recommend the Piranha for rocky trail use either.

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Hutchinson Barracuda

Hutchinson Barracuda Tyre
Available in different casings and compounds the Hutchinson barracuda is a truly versatile MTB tyre. The tread runs in open rectangular blocks across the tyre, with square shoulders on the edges giving it a quite aggressive character.

Reviews of the Hutchinson Barracuda indicate its predictable at high speeds on loose or rocky trails and copes well with variations in conditions. It's also light and quick rolling for a high-volume tyre, with plenty of traction on the rear.

It also seems to resist punctures well and is generally a durable tyre. A few comments indicate that its performance is quite sensitive to pressure and front and rear use require different settings.

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