Kenda Mountain Bike Tyres

The range of MTB Tyres from Kenda

Kenda Tomac Nevegal

Kenda Tomac Nevegal Tyre
This tyre is often used by bike manufacturers on top level bikes, as a result of its all-round versatility. The Kenda Nevegal is available in dual compound to give fast rolling centre treads and sticky side knobs. It also has a mix of ramped and flat treads, obviously designed to give adaptability rather than excellence in any particular field. You can also get the Stick E versions for extra grip, which is useful on the front.

Reviews of the Kenda Nevegal show that it is praised for its consistency across all sorts of conditions and is very predictable and stable when cornering. It also sheds mud well. As you might expect from a tyre that is truly adaptable, it's not fast in all conditions and there are a few comments that it loses speed quite easily.

It's also said to wear quite quickly but of course that depends on your use. This is nevertheless a widely recommended and popular tyre with no obvious faults.

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Kenda Tomac Blue Groove

Kenda Tomac Blue Groove Tyre
This tyre is particularly interesting if you ride in slippy, wet conditions over tree roots or slimy trails, as the Kenda blue groove stick E uses soft centre knobs. This allows them to adapt to the trail rather than bouncing. It has knobs spaced like the Nevegal but slightly larger.

Reviews of the blue groove reveal the only real problem is in deep mud, but in thin mud, wet or slippy conditions on hardpacked trails there is lots of praise for its grippy tread, particularly over rocks and tree roots. Also the stick E seems to give the tyre excellent acceleration on climbs and rapid, secure descending.

It's also available in dual compound, which is well liked but not so good in mud as a result of the harder centre treads.

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