Maxxis Mountain Bike Tyres

Guide to the most popular models in the Maxxis MTB Tyre range

Maxxis High Roller

Maxxis High Roller Tyre
Designed to be an all-rounder, the Maxxis high roller has a mixture of ramped centre treads for speed and sticky side knobs for cornering traction. They're available in different compounds, depending on your grip and wear requirements. You can also swap tyre direction for increased traction.

Just about all of the reviews praise the Maxxis high roller for its universal grip and traction, particularly on rocks and loose soil and mixed trails. The only reservation is the wear rate, but of course good grip nearly always comes at the price of the faster wear.

As a result of its performance this tyre is very popular in all sorts of rides, including demanding downhill racing, where you can use the double ply version. There's also a super tacky trade for extra grip although obviously it's slower and wears quicker.

The only negative that is mentioned is that under the transition from upright to cornering under hard riding can give slightly unstable feel, which is attributed to the gap between centre and side treads.

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Maxxis Minion

Maxxis Minion Tyre
This was specifically designed as a downhill tyre with different treads for front and rear. The Maxxis Minion front tyre incorporates ramped centre knobs combined with cut knobs. This gives a combination of low rolling resistance together with lots of grippy edges for straight line and cornering stability.

The rear tyre also has ramped knobs but the tread is designed for braking and acceleration. For a bit of extra speed the Minion front tyre can also be used on the rear of the bike.

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Maxxis Ignitor

Maxxis Ignitor Tyre
This is a tyre designed to handle all conditions including harsh, messy trails with its heavy central ramped tread and steep side knobs. These will cope with mud, stones and debris in wet conditions as well as dry. Its relatively narrow which helps its ability to dig below the loose onto a firmer surface.

Reviews of the Maxxis are quite mixed depending on what they are useful. They cope with general variety well but the extremes in riding or conditions show weaknesses. Traction is good under cornering, acceleration and braking but wet rocks seem to cause a lack of grip and acceleration.

The medium volume gives them adaptability but also makes them less suitable for heavy landings or hard rocky terrain, where the knobs can be at risk of splitting.

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Maxxis Advantage

Maxxis Advantage Tyre
This is designed as a tyre for rocky winter riding with an aggressive tread pattern using rectangular and parallelogram blocks for traction in braking and climbing. Centre knobs on the Maxxis Advantage are ramped to lower rolling resistance and it's suitable for front and rear wheel use.

Reviews for the Maxxis Advantage are generally good, with some mixed comments about grip on wet rocks and wear rates and resilience of the knobs on rough rocky trails.

All in all it is reported as a reliable tyre that can be effectively used in most conditions, with very good cornering, acceleration and braking characteristics.

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