Panaracer Mountain Bike Tyres

Guide to the popular Panaracer MTB Tyres

Panaracer Fire

Panaracer Fire Tyre
Available in mud and XC versions, the Panaracer Fire is sold as an all-rounder for cross country use. It's quite narrow and low volume, which gives it the ability to penetrate mud and mess. It also has large side knobs in a soft compound, giving it good corner grip for its size. In addition the reinforced sidewall is designed to avoid pinch flats when bumping through rough trails.

There is also the Panaracer Fire mode available with deeper treads for really muddy rides.

Reviews of the Panaracer Fire indicate that it's a good all-round entry-level tyre for riding in winter conditions.

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Panaracer Trailraker

Panaracer Trailraker Tyre
Available in puncture resistant (PR) and USD (tubeless) versions, this tyre is designed for muddy, wet and rutted conditions, with deep tread knobs. The Trailraker is ideal for boggy Woods and 4x4 dug out tracks.

Riders generally review the Panaracer Trailraker with a high rating and there are several comments that it's the best tyre they've had for extra muddy trails.

However, once the track starts to dry out or get harder the tyre is understandably not predictable. The lack of side knobs means the tyre moves suddenly from grip to no grip on corners and the depth of the treads makes them very squirmy on acceleration or breaking on firmer surfaces.
For what it's designed for though, the Panaracer Trailraker delivers well.

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Panaracer Cinder

Panaracer Cinder Tyre
This tyre is available in folding, PR and sport versions and is designed for grip and durability in all conditions at the expense of speed. The Panaracer Cinder has an aggressive tread that makes them secure in technical conditions and uses a dual compound tread that works on rocks and roots.

Sidewalls are reinforced to help prevent pinch flats on bumpy rides and they are all so very durable as a result.

Reviews of the Panaracer sender indicate quite a highly rated tyre that does deliver grip and stability all year round. However it's obviously not a hardpacked trail dry weather tyre, as it will definitely slow you down in those conditions. Also they don't seem to be the best under hard riding competition conditions, which is a result of the substantial tread flexing under pressure and therefore not having the required predictability.

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