Specialized Mountain Bike Tyres

Popular MTB Tyres from Specialized

Specialized Captain

Specialized Captain Tyre
This tyre is available in three versions: the Armadillo, the Control and the S-Works.

It is designed as a fast rolling trail tyre with a gapped centre tread graduating smoothly onto intermediate and shoulder treads to give consistent traction on most surfaces. The centre of the Specialized Captain is quite hard giving good durability and the Armadillo anti-puncture version gives additional protection, while still being a relatively light tyre.

The new control version of the Captain gives the option to run with or without tubes.

Reviews of this tyre are very favourable, with plenty of praise for its strength in combination with its speed, with only a few reservations that it can be quite slippery in the wet particularly in wet rooty ground.

All in all this seems to be a very economical and effective tyre for dry and intermediate conditions.

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Specialized Eskar

Specialized Eskar Tyre
The main versions of this tyre are the Armadillo which has Kevlar puncture protection and the Control (tubeless ready). It is designed as a large volume tyre to handle the extremes of trail riding and the tread has alternating chevrons and blocks to form a stable ridge for easy rolling, together with plenty of edge tread to handle corners. The transition in tread from centre to edge is quite smooth and dual compound rubber has been used.

Reviews of the Specialized Eskar indicate that it is highly rated with excellent grip and predictability, as a result of the careful tread design, which enables the tyre to dig in at all angles in a variety of trail surface conditions. Particular mention is made that this tyre is a top performer on dry hard packed terrain and gives excellent traction off-camber and in extreme cornering.

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